Up to 100% cashback? Interview with Repay.me

Repay.me is a trading platform similar to Amazon, but with an integrated blockchain and the promise of 100% cashback. BTC-ECHO met Mario Peter (CEO/COO), Sascha Jonas (CEO/CTO) and Dominic Trautwein (Marketing Manager) for an interview.

100% cashback means I get Bitcoin loophole for free – how can you afford it?

The question is totally justified, I would also wonder where the catch is. But the explanation is quite simple: as a Bitcoin loophole marketplace, we will have different sources of income: Is The Bitcoin Loophole a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First First of all, we will traditionally collect a sales fee, which everyone who sells a product via our platform will have to pay. Incidentally, this is below the market average. However, the main sources of income are our advertising revenues. About 80% of our income is distributed daily to our community – in the form of cash back. So we don’t feed the cashback from the sometimes thin margins of our dealers or from overpriced product prices. Through the advertising revenues, money flows back to our community on a daily basis until up to 100% cashback was actually paid out for all their purchases.

Of course, you don’t immediately get 100% money back for every purchase you make. Cashback is paid back daily in small amounts. If you also want to speed up your cashback for larger purchases, for example, you can use our platform more actively and, for example, participate in surveys or invite friends. Whether the cashback engine is running at full speed is graphically shown to everyone and is in everyone’s hands.

How would you describe repay.me and which established company do you want to compete with?

repay.me is a marketplace where products can be bought, sold and auctioned. It’s about products of every kind: New and used products and even offers from offline shops like restaurants are included in perspective, without orientation to specific niches. What distinguishes us from other marketplaces is first and foremost the unbeatable cashback function, with which you can recover up to 100% of the sales price spent. In this respect, we want to gradually achieve our ambitious growth targets and become an increasingly noticeable competitor for established marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. User data is also marketed on these platforms, but without the users themselves – unlike us – having anything to gain from it.

Current developments on the e-commerce market show that consumers are increasingly aware of their customer value. And what is also very important for us: They want cashback. For example, according to current statistics, over 70% of UK customers are interested in products linked to cashback and 80% of all customers are willing to change shop, marketplace or even brand for a good offer or price saving. We are not the first to recognize this demand, but in any case we are the first to be able to satisfy it – among other things through our REME-Coin – almost in real time, safely and consistently. As our research confirms, existing cashback portals are complicated, intransparent and prone to errors. At repay.me, all merchants are available on one marketplace: You don’t need a customer card and don’t have to click on redirects to other shops or photograph receipts.